with cover
Series Shape Diameter
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Other manufacturers' designations
With open steel cover NTN  KOYO NSK    
UCP..C 12 - 60mm SUCP UCP..C ZUCP..+P    
UCF..C 12 - 60mm SUCF UCF..C ZUCF..+P    
UCFL..C 12 - 50mm SUCFL UCFL..C ZUCFL..+P    
With closed steel cover NTN  KOYO NSK    
UCP..E 12 - 60mm SMUCP UCP..CD ZUCP..+PE    
UCF..E 12 - 60mm SMUCF UCF..CD ZUCF..+PE    
UCFL..E 12 - 50mm SMUCFL UCFL..CD ZUCFL..+PE    
With open cast iron cover NTN  KOYO NSK    
CUCP..C 12 - 140mm CUCP..C UCP..FC CUCP..+C    
CUCF..C 12 - 140mm CUCF..C UCF..FC CUCF..+C    
With closed cast iron cover NTN  KOYO NSK    
CUCP..CE 12 - 140mm CUCP..CE UCP..FCD CUCP..+CE    
CUCF..CE 12 - 140mm CUCF..CE UCF..FCD CUCF..+CE    


Due to the interchangeablity of housings and inserts, other combinations of housings and inserts are possible. Series (C)UCP..C(E) come with 2 open covers, respectively with 1 open and 1 closed cover.