BEARING INSERTS (without housings)
Series Shape Diameter
from - to
Other manufacturers' designations
UC 12 - 140mm UC YAR, YAJ GYE..KRRB    
UK 20 - 90mm UK YSA - - -     
KH 12 - 35mm AEL SA EN YET GRAE..NPPB    
UG 20 - 60mm UEL NA EW YEL GE..NPPB    
B 12 - 35mm AS SB UB  YAT  RAE..NPP    
U 8 - 30mm inserts for silver series,
eccentric locking collar execution
Other inserts available upon request.
UC C4HR5 12-90mm, high temperature execution up to 200 centigrade
MUC  12-50mm, stainless steel
UD 20-65mm, similar to UG, however inner eccentric locking colllar
KHR 20-50mm, cylindrical outer ring
CS..2RS 17-50mm for press fits
SSB 20-35mm, stainless steel
K 10-30mm, similar to U, for silver series, with set screws